Superstitions and gambling have long been closely related since gamblers aim to catch that one lucky break that swings the balance in their favor.

You would assume that only players who physically visit land-based casinos follow customs and superstitions, yet a significant portion of online gamers also do so. Given that live dealer casino games are practically actual casino games, this is especially true for them.

Naturally, the ideal way to increase your winnings is to hone your abilities, comprehend the guidelines, go through the gaming guides on LiveCasinoComparer.com, and manage your cash wisely.

Nevertheless, gamers typically employ superstitions and rituals to bring luck if they still need it.

If you’re playing online, you can’t blow on the dice, but you can indulge in more superstitious activities than you may have imagined!

Among rituals and superstitions, which are more common?
Let’s examine the most common rites and beliefs Reddyanna that players adhere to in an attempt to improve their luck.

When a certain live dealer was present, they were playing.
This superstition is common among players who play a specific game on a regular basis.

Since the crew rotates frequently, players get to know the different live dealers that are assigned to that particular game.

Players are likely to associate the dealer at the table at any one time with their winning or losing streaks.

If the same dealer is present during several winning streaks, people may consider that dealer to be lucky.

Similar to this, players may decide to wait for a different dealer if they consistently have bad luck with a certain one.

Furthermore, players tend to avoid new dealers for the same reason: they don’t know if the new dealer will bring good fortune or bad luck.

Is this an actual phenomenon?

Well, when it comes to gambling, mood, optimism, and decision-making are important factors. A pessimistic outlook can result in making bad choices, believing one is cursed, and chasing losses. This often turns into a self-fulfilling prophecy. Losses may result if negativity is prevalent.

It is therefore reasonable to continue with your lucky dealer if you have found one!

This phenomena does undoubtedly apply to VIPs and high rollers. Players can request a different dealing shoe or a specific dealer at certain tables offered by the Live Casinos.

Fortunate Numbers
You will always consider certain numbers to be your lucky numbers when playing any number-based casino game.

One of the best examples is roulette, with its numbered wheel.

In the hopes of winning, gamblers frequently wager on their lucky numbers, giving these digits significance. In roulette, the least played number is 13, while the most common numbers are usually 7 and 17.

We could even argue that if you play roulette, you will almost definitely grow attached to a particular number.

On the other hand, players’ decisions are more important in strategy and skill-based games like casino poker and blackjack than they are in fortunate numbers. Superstitions about the dealer are likely to be prevalent in these games.

Giving the dealer a tip
Many players think that you have to tip the dealer because if you don’t, you won’t be able to win again.

It is said that if you do not tip the dealer, you are essentially saying that you will never again get good fortune by refusing to return a portion of it.

First of all, giving the dealer a tip shows that you value promoting kindness and good vibes.

Players list dealers in land-based casinos in an attempt to foster a positive environment and increase their chances of winning. In online casinos, where players list live dealers, this superstition also exists.

In addition, all of this has to do with cosmic reciprocity, or karma. By being generous to the dealer, some players believe they are planting the seeds of good fortune for their gameplay. This concept is consistent with the more general belief that good deeds bring good deeds.

Ultimately, the human inclination for control and influence over unpredictable circumstances can also be linked to the superstition around tipping the dealer. Tipping is a way for players to build rapport with the dealer because they think it could have an impact on the outcome of the game.

Even though the dealer has little control over the course of the game, it is undoubtedly more fun to play with a happy dealer than one who is furious!


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