Pragmatic Play Expands Live Casino Portfolio With New Speed Blackjack Tables

Over the past decade, slots have undoubtedly been the primary focus of the majority of iGaming companies. With themed slots dominating the market, purveyors are enthused by the virtually limitless potential for innovation that these titles offer. As a consequence, exceptional casino categories, including Live Games, have been relegated to a secondary position. Fortunately, certain brands exhibit regal treatment towards both, and Pragmatic Play is one such brand. Recently, the iGaming behemoth has enhanced its slot production while also initiating the Lotus365 download expansion of its Live Casino lineup with the introduction of Speed Blackjack!

Undoubtedly, Fast-Paced Classic Blackjack is among the most well-liked table games that you will encounter. This ageless casino classic offers players the opportunity to amass substantial winnings by achieving a perfect 21. As one of the earliest games to grace online casinos, live casinos, and land-based establishments, the game is available in an innumerable number of variations that add variety and keep things entertaining. Speed Blackjack flawlessly executes this. Although this rendition of the original does not substantially alter the gameplay, it does substantially abbreviate it, resulting in a considerably more brisk title.

Entertaining New Features
This game’s title aptly describes its nature. The primary emphasis is on speed, so players can anticipate a variant of classic Blackjack that is considerably shorter in duration, featuring numerous enhancements that substantially reduce the customary playtime. It is crucial to mention that although certain features of the game may shorten the duration of gameplay, they in no way diminish the game’s enchantment. For instance, participants of Speed Blackjack may observe the ability to make simultaneous decision offers. These can reduce the duration of a game round by as much as 30%!

Additionally, auto-decisions are a quick feature that is accessible in this gameplay iteration. These afford increased autonomy, as they are contingent upon the player’s strategic approach. They can orchestrate the entire process by incorporating stands or impacts.

Reinforced User Interface
It is readily apparent that Pragmatic Play strives to improve the gaming experience as a whole. This naturally entails a superior user interface that enhances the naturalness and intuitiveness of Live Casino games. The introduction of its new and improved Ruby Studio made a big difference in how the Live Casino tables from this provider operate, but it’s also made a few other changes to make the new Speed Blackjack tables instant favorites.

The alignment of the game’s design and button placement with player expectations contributes to its intuitive nature. You should have no trouble coming up with a strategy and placing a bet right after you join. The game also offers quick seating for those who aren’t big on patience, as well as expert hosts to make players feel right at home as soon as they join in on the fun! As the cherry on top, the new Speed Blackjack tables come in regular and VIP variants.


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